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Ukes for Schools, Inc. is a 501c(3) non-profit public benefit corporation which promotes education and quality of life through music and education. We are a community-based organization with a physical location at The Strum Shop, 209 Vernon Street, Roseville, CA 95678.

Founded by Stu Herreid and Budd Snell in 2013, Ukes for Schools is our way of helping to create a better world for all people. By introducing young people to music, we believe we are fostering an environment which will produce healthier members of society.

Please visit other areas of our site. Our Teachers Resource page includes sample forms that may be used (Sign-in sheets, Check-out sheets) as well as three Songbooks (Traditional, Family and Holiday songs).

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Please Donate – Every donation helps to support
our mission and our program!

Please consider a donation to Ukes for Schools. All of our instrument purchases are funded by personal and corporate donations. A donation of $50 helps us to purchase one ukulele (beginning student uke), with gig bag and tuner. A typical classroom may use 20-30 ukes (Student Ukulele clubs can be smaller). Contributions are used to fund instrument purchases through our organization and to support our outreach and teacher learning programs.

Ukes for Schools Application and
Memo of Understanding (MOU)

Interested in joining the Ukes for Schools program? Ukes for Schools, Inc. is a ukulele loan program. There is no cost to a school or music program. If we have instruments in our inventory then we try to find a vivacious and healthy music program to whom we can loan the instruments. Each year, we conduct our Ukulele Recovery Program (URP) to reach out to schools and clubs and discover their plans for continued use of the instruments. If a program ends then we ask the school/program to make arrangements to return the ukuleles to The Strum Shop. Once we recover instruments then we find a new school/program to loan the instruments.

Start with our 2017 Ukes for School Application. Print, complete and submit form to Budd Snell. We will have a conversation about your vision and come to understand what you hope to accomplish with your program. At Ukes for Schools, your application “puts you on our radar” and we can begin to plan on the best way to help you with your program.

The Memo of Understanding is an agreement between your school/program and our organization. By the time we complete the MOU, Teachers/Club Leaders will have enlisted the support of school principal (or Administration). We will complete the agreement and provide instruments to you for your program.

Instruments are kept by the school/program until they no longer will be used. If a program discontinues then, at that time, it is the responsibility of the school/program to make arrangements to return the instruments to The Strum Shop. Schools/programs may keep instruments for multiple years. Once the instruments are returned, there is no guarantee that instruments will be available for your school/program the following year. We attempt to minimize our inventory by find good homes for all our instruments.